Competitor Checklist

Get the paperwork done before you go sailing…your Fleet Secretary will love you for it!!

        • Membership to YSA. This is usually done via your affilliated club. Either way you will need your AYF Number and be prepared to show your current card during registration for a sanctioned event
        • Pay annual subs to National Etchells Association
        • Enter the Series that you wish to compete in. Go to Entry Forms
        • Download the NOR’s for the series you have entered. Go to Download
        • The State Championships have an entry fee, check the NOR for amount and how to pay.
        • All the other little bits……
              • Lodge copy of insurance with RSAYS
              • Sail card & Hull certificate – bring them to registration
              • How’s the weight? Remember 285 kg limit.
              • Fill in Safety Declaration and lodge with the RSAYS .


Now you can go sailing !!!



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