About the Fleet

The Adelaide Fleet of the International Etchells Class  has been based at the Royal South Australian Yacht Squadron at Outer Harbor since 1983. The Fleet is a mixture of old and new boats sailed by crews ranging from novice to experienced National Championship winners.

A great thing about the class is that the older boats are still competitive, and provide enjoyment and satisfaction to those sailing them. Newcomers to the fleet get an incredible amount of support and advice from their peers, as all our fleet sailors are dedicated to increasing the quality of the competition.

The waters off Outer Harbor in Gulf St. Vincent are tailor made for the Etchells Class. In light breezes and flat water the racing is incredibly tactical with boats rewarded for picking the right shifts. But when the seabreeze starts pumping and the swell picks up the fun really starts. The boats are evenly matched when tacking upwind and absolutely fly down the surf going downwind, which makes for exciting close racing.

Each year Adelaide Fleet members regularly travel to contest the National Championships around the country, and on occasion contest the Lincoln Week regatta as well as World Championships around the globe.


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  1. John Fisher says:

    are there any boats looking for crew?

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